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[software]Deletor - http://www.basta.com/ProdDeletor.htm
This program helps you reduce the clutter in your disks and other storage media by deleting files and folders corresponding to your criteria. The application includes a shredding feature to destroy sensitive documents and make them virtually impossible to recover. Files can be filtered by name, name patterns including wildcards, attributes and time properties. The deletion settings are contained in a single window to help you review them at a glance...
Keywords: Deletor; System and utilities; File tools; File shredders; Deletor
Downloads: 62
[software]KSSplitter - http://www.KomputeSoftware.com
This file splitter and rejoiner supports automatic virus scanning and loading of joined or split files, as well as append options for partly joined files. KSSplitter also allows loading through a DOS command line, a statistical preview of pending split and join jobs, and an auto-verify feature after splitting.
Keywords: KSSplitter; System and utilities; File tools; File splitters; KSSplitter
Downloads: 44
[software]zsCompare - http://www.zizasoft.com
Compare and synchronize files between local directories, networked computers, or pre-formatted writable CDs and DVDs. The program features built-in support for compressed archives, which allows you to compare and synchronize the contents of ZIP and JAR files.
Keywords: zsCompare; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; zsCompare
Downloads: 131
[software]imageIT - http://www.synergix.com/products/imageIT/faqs/
This is a disk imaging utility that may be used to backup and restore images for the purpose of OS provisioning, in combination with Microsoft's System Preparation method.
Keywords: imageIT; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; imageIT
Downloads: 207
[software]TurboEncoder - http://www.turboirc.com/TurboEncoder
This file encryptor features a graphical user interface, with included help and in-program messages to help you solve problems. Note: Must be run under administrator account.
Keywords: TurboEncoder; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; TurboEncoder
Downloads: 31
[software]ShadowBack - http://www.warmandfuzzylogic.com
This program automatically backs up important files to DVD-R, CD-R, disk or tape in the background as you work.
Keywords: ShadowBack; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; ShadowBack
Downloads: 30
[software]PAL EShredder - http://www.palsol.com
This is a shredding and secure wipe tool that removes files and folders, making them exempt from recovery utilities. Note: Pal E-Shredder
Keywords: PAL EShredder; System and utilities; File tools; File shredders
Downloads: 87
[software]Advanced CATaloguer - http://www.evgenysoft.com/
This is a utility to catalog all kinds of media with search and report abilities. You can organize volumes, folders and files, search the files, generate reports, and delete individual files and folders from the catalogs.
Keywords: Advanced CATaloguer; System and utilities; File tools; Drive cataloging
Downloads: 62
[software]OneOnOne - http://www.image-ination.com/oneonone/
Compare one folder or volume with another. Select the folders you want to compare and click the "examine" button. If the folders are identical, you will be notified. If they are not not identical, another window will open with a report of all differences, and you will be given an opportunity to adjust the differences.
Keywords: OneOnOne; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; OneOnOne
Downloads: 70
[software]PEDiff - http://www.mahatab.com
This program can compare the header information of two PE files and highlight the differences. After selecting two files you can compare DOS, file and optional headers, as well as section headers. You can also dump the PE headers of a file by using "Dump PE Headers" in the Compare menu.
Keywords: PEDiff; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; PEDiff
Downloads: 156
[software]PaperlessPrinter - http://www.PaperlessPrinter.com
This program allows you to convert printable documents to PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, JPEG and BMP formats. You can convert documents to any of these formats and preserve the look and content of the original document, complete with fonts and graphics. You can distribute your documents by e-mail or store them on the Web, on an intranet, a file system or a on a CD. Other users can view your work on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX platforms...
Keywords: PaperlessPrinter; System and utilities; File tools; File convertors; PaperlessPrinter
Downloads: 316
[software]OfficeFIX - http://www.cimaware.com
This data recovery software restores corrupt or damaged Access databases created using MS Access, Excel and Word. Simply select the damaged file, recover it and save it to a new functioning file.
Keywords: OfficeFIX; System and utilities; File tools; File recovery; OfficeFIX
Downloads: 68
[software]nBinder - http://www.nemokprod.go.ro
This is a file compressor, file binder, password protector and icon changer.
Keywords: nBinder; System and utilities; File tools; Compression utilities; nBinder
Downloads: 98
[software]MirrorFolder - http://www.techsoftpl.com/backup/
Backup software for automatic and real-time mirroring of folders and drives from a local drive to other local, network or removable drives. In real-time mode, it performs RAID-1 type of mirroring on local and remote drives on a per file basis and can mirror exclusively opened files. In auto-sync mode, synchronization is done at specified time intervals through a service program.
Keywords: MirrorFolder; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; MirrorFolder
Downloads: 125
[software]MySecretFolder - http://www.my-secret-folder.com/
Use this program to hide or lock files on your computer with a password. It works on both NTFS and FAT/FAT32 volumes. Stealth mode and hotkey activation are supported.
Keywords: MySecretFolder; System and utilities; File tools; File hiding; MySecretFolder
Downloads: 106
[software]jBackup - http://www.kova-solutions.com/jbackup.en/
This backup tool stores your data in a ZIP or TAR archive. Supported data sources are local files, Web pages and FTP files.
Keywords: jBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; jBackup
Downloads: 77
[software]FileEzy - http://www.ezyaz.com
This is a virtual filing cabinet to help organize all those files that end up in the My Documents folder. It is fully customizable in terms of drawer names and folder names.
Keywords: FileEzy; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming; FileEzy
Downloads: 72
[software]PowerSearch - http://www.hnisoft.com
This searching utility provides mechanisms to locate any file or folder on your hard disk, network drives, USB key drives, CD drives, DVD drives and other types of storage mediums. It can locate a file or folder based partial or whole file name, file size or range of sizes, file date, and file attributes. You can add "Include" and "Exclude" filters to your searches and save results for reuse.
Keywords: PowerSearch; System and utilities; File tools; File searching; PowerSearch
Downloads: 90
[software]MyZippa - http://www.saintlysoft.com
This program makes archiving multiple folders easier. It creates a separate archive for each one of the selected folders. You can save various combinations of folders into profiles, which can be loaded or run via the command line. Use the internal ZIP-compatible format or choose to use your favorite compression utility such as WinRAR or 7-ZIP. You can append the date and time to the archive names as well, allowing you to create multi-version backups...
Keywords: MyZippa; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; MyZippa
Downloads: 119
[software]Ruby - http://www.warpengine.com
Use this to scan your CD-Rs, cataloging and saving the file and disk properties in a searchable database. You can search for a particular file rather than manually browsing through all of your CD-Rs. This also works with floppies, ZIP disks and any other removable media. Results are can be returned in either a plain text or CSV file. This version also includes support for saving the contents of compressed files...
Keywords: Ruby; System and utilities; File tools; Drive cataloging; Ruby
Downloads: 39
[software]Easy Rename - http://www.axistek.com
With this utility you can rename groups of your files. You can change file names to lower, upper or large case, insert text and numbering, replace substrings, and replace characters.
Keywords: Easy Rename; System and utilities; File tools; File renaming
Downloads: 135
[software]FolderWatch - http://www.diginaut.com/shareware/fw/
This program guards your files by monitoring a given number of folders on your hard drive. It keeps polling these as long as the computer is on. Any time a change is detected, no matter how minute, Folder Watch will automatically make a backup copy and place it in a designated folder.
Keywords: FolderWatch; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; FolderWatch
Downloads: 76
[software]AcuteFinder - http://www.hugmot.is/acutefinder/
This utility finds duplicate files on your computer. You can then delete the files or move them to an archive directory, saving disk space. The program uses CRC32 and MD5 to find identical files, with an option to search in ZIP files also. The program helps you reclaim wasted disk space.
Keywords: AcuteFinder; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; AcuteFinder
Downloads: 66
[software]diskMETA - http://diskmeta.com
This Web search engine-based tool offers full text searches across your hard drive. Supported file formats include TXT, DOC, XLS, HTML, PDF, RTF, CHM, ZIP and RAR. It offers quotation of relevant text abstracts and query highlighting, sorted by relevance, location, word significance and document modification date.
Keywords: diskMETA; System and utilities; File tools; File searching; diskMETA
Downloads: 54
[software]LANBak - http://www.flux2fusion.com/LANBak.aspx
This is an automated disk-based backup and file versioning solution for Windows-based servers and workstations on your LAN. Let your users restore lost files themselves from their own workstation without administrator intervention and reduce or even eliminate time-consuming requests from users to restore lost files from tape.
Keywords: LANBak; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; LANBak
Downloads: 25
[software]Xintegrity - http://www.xintegrity.com
This program prevents people from modifying your files without being detected. When it detects a modified file, the software shows you exactly how and when the file was modified. The program can also create protected backup files, allowing you the option to restore files when modification is detected.
Keywords: Xintegrity; System and utilities; File tools; File attributes; xintegrity
Downloads: 39
[software]WindowPane - http://www.acs-linksystems.com
This program locates, categorizes and lists all the files on your PC, and allows you to launch them directly from the search list. Files can be sorted alphabetically, by creation date, last-modified date or size.
Keywords: WindowPane; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; WindowPane
Downloads: 100
[software]Text2Html - http://www.cyber-matrix.com/txt2htm.htm
Text2Html converts text files to HTML with an easy-to-follow format that is so convenient youll want to create a desktop icon for a quicker access. It also allows you to launch files directly from the application. Text2Html is a handy tool for text conversion. It eliminates any hassle of rewriting text files in HTML.
Keywords: Text2Html; System and utilities; File tools; File convertors
Downloads: 90
[software]UpdateXpress - http://www.xpressapps.com/updateXpress_Product.shtm
This is a network administration tool that simplifies the propagation of updated files across a network. When a user double-clicks a shortcut on their local machine UpdateXpress checks if any specified linked files or folders are newer than those on the local drive, and if so, updates them before opening the desired target file.
Keywords: UpdateXpress; System and utilities; File tools; File comparison; UpdateXpress
Downloads: 124
[software]SearchMaestro - http://www.searchmaestro.co.uk
This is a file search tool and file content viewer. It lets you save and load your parameters, and export your results to CSV or XML file formats. You can view, find and replace the content of your files using pattern or easy matching. An ActiveX COM interface extends the functionality to allow you to create VBScript, JavaScript and other scripting language files for repeated use and scheduling.
Keywords: SearchMaestro; System and utilities; File tools; File searching; SearchMaestro
Downloads: 47
[software]Cloak - http://www.insight-concepts.com/products/cloak/
This stenography application encrypts and hides confidential files within ordinary images. Files cannot be retrieved without the correct passwords. It uses 256-bit encryption algorithms, seven supported image formats, custom security certificates, compression and password protection to secure files.
Keywords: Cloak; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; Cloak
Downloads: 78
[software]TreeSizeFinderLite - http://www.dirsync.net
This utility handles file and folder management and exploring. I provides tree size and change sequence diagrams and offers many different filters and sorting criteria.
Keywords: TreeSizeFinderLite; System and utilities; File tools; Drive cataloging; TreeSizeFinderLite
Downloads: 21
[software]SizeExplorer Lite - http://www.sizeexplorer.com/
This is a disk space usage analyzer. It provides a set of tools to help you manage your disk space. Features include folder size, graphical charts, file distribution statistics and reports, biggest files, file management, printing of file listing, ZIP compression, exporting to Excel, HTML, XML and text files.
Keywords: SizeExplorer Lite; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; SizeExplorer
Downloads: 31
[software]VersionBackup - http://www.versionbackup.sb-aw.com
This is a backup archive manager. Every day, a separate version of your data files will be stored. The management function will keep the backup archive clearly arranged at any time. To restore files or whole directories, you use a special browser, where you simply click on the desired day. The data will be kept as long as you desire.
Keywords: VersionBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; VersionBackup
Downloads: 31
[software]CuteZIP - http://www.cutezip.com/cutezip
This program allows you to create and open compressed files. It supports many compression formats including ZIP, CAB and TAR. You can create self-extracting archives and break up a large compressed file into smaller files to span them across multiple disks. It provides 128-bit Twofish encryption as well as industry standard ZIP password protection, and you can run CuteZIP from the command line.
Keywords: CuteZIP; System and utilities; File tools; Compression utilities
Downloads: 262
[software]APBackup - http://apsoft.ru
This is an automatic backup utility, which allows you to backup your information according to a schedule. APBackUp can archive in any format or copy data to specified folders on your local or remote computer. You can define how many of the recently created archive files will be kept on disk. For any archive task you can specify external applications to run before or after executing the task. It includes a built-in ZIP archiver and you can use external archiving plugins.
Keywords: APBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; APBackup
Downloads: 42
[software]MediaRevival - http://www.onlimemedia.com
This program recovers data lost from digital camera media including Smart Media, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, SD Cards, CDs and MiniDiscs.
Keywords: MediaRevival; System and utilities; File tools; File recovery; MediaRevival
Downloads: 53
[software]ACProtect - http://www.ultraprotect.com
This application protects Windows executable files against invasions by using encryption algorithms to create and verify the registration keys. With its specialized API system, mutual communication between loader and application is also possible.
Keywords: ACProtect; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption
Downloads: 222
[software]SmartBackup - http://www.onlimemedia.com
This program copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across a network. You can set up projects that describe the source location, the destination location, and the frequency at which you want to copy the files. It monitors the source files for changes or additions and then automatically copies the new or changed files to their designated destinations...
Keywords: SmartBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; SmartBackup
Downloads: 52
[software]FolderViewer - http://www.matirsoft.com
This utility displays, unpacks, packs, renames and prints files of a folder in a structured and organized way. The files are presented on screen in various views. There are 50 views implemented in the program, and you can design your own. File properties can be used to group, filter, sort or search. You can use the multi-rename tool to rename files on the fly, correcting case properties as well. You can also unpack or pack files into different archive formats...
Keywords: FolderViewer; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; FolderViewer
Downloads: 54
[software]KetuFile - http://www.ketufile.com?source=tucows
This application allows strong encryption of any type of PC file, including text, word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, binaries and executables. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard and allows up to 256 or 512 bit keys respectively for the 2 available models. It does not have backdoors or key recovery options. An encrypted file is received as an e-mail attachment. It also has an encryption engine that can be launched from a command line, a script or a ShellExecute from within another appli...
Keywords: KetuFile; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; KetuFile
Downloads: 82
[software]CleanDisk - http://www.fmjsoft.com/cleandisk.html
This program cleans temporary files, log files and cookies with a three-step procedure. You can use one of the pre-defined search types or add your own using the pattern searching capacities.
Keywords: CleanDisk; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; CleanDisk
Downloads: 44
[software]DirSync - http://www.dirsync.net
This is a file and folder manager. It provides notification of changes and scheduled actions. You can move files and suspend, resume, skip, abort and retry actions. You may record all actions and setup sequences of actions. You may customize the synchronizations of multiple folders.
Keywords: DirSync; System and utilities; File tools; File explorers; DirSync
Downloads: 38
[software]BackupMate - http://www.devicode.com/backupmate/
This backup and recovery tool handles files, folders and documents. It protects your files from accidental deletion, overwrite and corruption. Backups are stored in ZIP format, and jobs can be set to run automatically on a schedule. It allows you to select files and folders for inclusion or exclusion, and scheduling support allows you to perform backups on specific days, every week, every month or any other time.
Keywords: BackupMate; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; BackupMate
Downloads: 73
[software]OrphansRemover - http://www.digiarch.org
This program searches for and deletes shortcuts with invalid targets in given folders and sub-folders, including your Start menu and Recent documents. For automation purposes, there are several command-line switches you can use.
Keywords: OrphansRemover; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; OrphansRemover
Downloads: 44
[software]TopSync - http://www.radutils.com
This is a synchronization utility that can save you time and money. It can be used to back up files, directories, or entire drives from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across the network.
Keywords: TopSync; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; TopSync
Downloads: 32
[software]FileSecure - http://www.newdigitalsoft.com
This program encrypts your personal files. FileSecure can shred files that you want to discard, and encrypt files into a self-decrypting EXE file.
Keywords: FileSecure; System and utilities; File tools; File encryption; FileSecure
Downloads: 54
[software]PrivacyWatcher - http://managebytes.com/pw.html
This privacy software can clean up all your Internet tracks including browser history, cache, and cookies, as well as recently used documents and Microsoft Office tracks. It offers encryption of files using 448-bit Blowfish algorithm, secure file deletion to prevent their recovering with UnErase tools, a startup manager to prevent unwanted programs from loading on Windows startup, and a desktop lock-out utility for preventing the unauthorized access to your computer.
Keywords: PrivacyWatcher; System and utilities; File tools; Disk cleaners; PrivacyWatcher
Downloads: 37
[software]WinBackup - http://www.liutilities.com
This program secures your files against virus attacks & computer crashes. It allows you to organize backups, schedule automatic backups, protect your data using encryption, compress data and save backups to CDs or DVDs.
Keywords: WinBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; WinBackup
Downloads: 88
[software]ZipBackup - http://www.zipbackup.com
This backup wizard allows you to backup your data in five steps. It has the ability to use advanced filtering and scheduling to backup what you need when you need it. ZipBackup stores backup files in ZIP format.
Keywords: ZipBackup; System and utilities; File tools; Backup and restore; ZipBackup
Downloads: 39
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